Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rice Uppuma

                         This rice uppuma  prepared with the common ingredients at home goes well with coconut chutney and sambar.

Rice Uppuma

To serve   2
Time taken 30 minutes.             

Ingredients  :

Raw Rice       1 cup
Toor Dhal      1 tbsp.
Finely sliced carrot / Beans / Peas ( optional )      1/4 cup
Onion                   1  ( finely chopped
Ginger                 1 small piece
Grated coconut   1/4 cup ( optional )
Tomato     1
Oil                    2 tbsp.
To Temper :

Mustard , Split Urad Dhal
Green / Red chilly        1
Channa Dhal                1 tsp.
Curry Leaves

Method :

1.  Wash rice and dhal well and dry it in a plate in shade or sun for 2 hours and powder
     in a mixi like white sooji.No need to seive.

2. Heat oil in a tawa and add the ingredients to temper.

3. After the mustards cracke, add onion, ginger and saute well. When the onions become
    brown,add the  finely chopped tomatoes and salt.
4. Add the finely chopped vegetables and saute.Add little water if less oil is used.

5. When the vegetables are almost cooked, add 3 cups of water and salt.

6. When the water boils well, add the powdered rice and dhal, stirring continuously
    without reducing the flame.

7.Once half of the water is absorbed, the flame can be reduced. When the water is
   almost absorbed, add the grated coconut.Once the water is fully absorbed, add
   coriander leaves and switch off.

Notes :

1. The adding of vegetables,tomatoes and coconut are purely optional.

2. If the rice rava is to be prepared in advance and stored, dry the washed rice and dhal
    well in the sun before powdering.This comes handy when we are short of dosa batter.
3.Tamarind water or lemon juice can be used instead of tomatoes.

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