Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vazhaithandu / Banana Stem Poriyal

                                                      Vazhaithandu, everyone knows, is very good for health.But it is dreaded by the people for the drudgery in chopping it. With little planning, it can be sliced the previous day during any gap. Finely sliced Vazhzaithandu is available in the stores of the cities.Whatever it is, including the veg. in our diet at least once in a week or ten days is highly recommended.

Vazhaithandu Poriyal

Ingredients :

Vazhaithandu                           1 medium size tube ( approximately 10 inches long )
Green chillies /Red chillies       2
Grated Coconut                        1/2 cup.
Zeera( Optional )                      1/2 tsp.
Small onions                             4  OR 1 tsp. of finely chopped Big Onion
Salt, Oil, Mustard, Split Urad Dhal, Curry Leaves.

Method  :

1.Peal off the thick outer covering of the stem, slice into circular pieces pieces,removing
    the thread like fibre by winding it round the fingers and put the slices in water mixed
    with buttermilk.

2. After slicing into circular pieces,slice them into fine cubes. The extra thread like
    fibres can  still be removed by dipping the Murukku Kampi in the vessel containing the
    sliced cubes of veg.with the buttermilk. When the veg. is simply stirred,the threads
    curl around the rod and they can be removed.

3. Grind the coconut with the Zeera, green chillies and onion coarsely in the mixi.This 
    step is purely optional.Instead of it, after seasoning with mustard, red chillies can be

4. Cook the vegetable with water till it becomes soft. Add salt in the end.It can also be
    pressure cooked in a small cooker with little water and salt for one or two whistles.

5. Heat oil in a tawa, add mustard, Urad dhal and curry leaves. When the mustard cracks,
    add the cooked vazhaithandu and ground coconut and stir well till the raw smell goes
    off and the water is absorbed, if any.The tasty,aromatic and nutritious poriyal is ready.

Note :


1. Adding coconut ground with Zeera,green chillies and onions for poriyals is purely
    a unique style of Tirunelveli.This gives an aromatic taste.

2. While cooking any vegetable in a cooker, adding little water retains the nutrients
    as the water is not discarded.Close the cooker and place the weight immediately
    as the steam starts coming out,as only less water is added. Take care to see that the
    whistling sound comes out at the right time. This is very important from the safety
    point of view.

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