Monday, March 10, 2014

Thakkalikkai / Raw Tomato Kichadi

                              Thakkalikkai Kichadi has a different taste from the Kichadi made of ripe tomatoes.They seem to be less sour and goes well with tiffin items. The tomatoes must be green in colour.

Thakkalikkai Kichadi

Ingredients :

Raw green tomatoes   7
Onion  1
Pasiparuppu / Moong Dhal   3 tbsp.
Grated coconut   3 tbsp.
Green chillies  3 to 4
Red chilly   1
Mustard, Oil, Curry leaves

Method :

1. Soak the dhal for 1o mins. and cook with the sliced tomatoes and sliced green chillies
   in a small pressure cooker for 3 to 4 whistles.

2. If you are mashing it manually using a Stainless Steel Kuzhi Karandi ( cup shaped ladle)
    mash it, when it is hot as it is easy. If you are using a blender, whip it just for 15 to 20
    secs. Take care it is not crushed finely.It can also be mashed with the wooden Keerai   
   Mathu ( also called Paruppu Kadayara Mathu )

3. Heat oil, add Mustard, broken red chillies, Hing and Curry leaves.Then add the sliced
    onions and saute well.

4. Add the mashed raw tomatoes, salt, coconut and boil on a low fire for 5 mins.The tasty
    gravy full of fibre is ready to be taken with the Idlis, Doasi etc.

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