Friday, July 1, 2011


                                This  dosai variety,a popular Andhra delicacy is always a spl.item for us in my friend Chitra's house in Madurai.Peanut chutney goes very well with this.Guests can be entertained even with a short notice as the batter is ready for use immediately after grinding.It is also a high source of protein for growing children and adults.

Whole green gram           :  1 cup.
Raw  rice                         : 2tbsp.
Green chillies                  : 4
Ginger                             : a small piece
Salt                                 : 1 tsp.
Big onions                        : 2

1. Soak the green gram with rice for 3 to 4 hrs.

2.Cut the chillies,ginger and onion into small pieces.

3.Grind the soaked dhal,chillies,ginger in a grinder or mixi,adding water once or twice.Add salt and remove on reaching the dosa consistency.

4.Cut coriander and curry leaves into small pieces and add to the batter.It is ready for use.Heat the tawa,spread the batter on it, add oil,strew the sliced onions on it immediately.If you add the onions even a little later,the dough gets cooked and the onions tend to come out.When the top side turns brown,turn the dosai to the other
side.It is ready to be served with peanut(ground nut) chutney.About 8 dosas can be prepared out of 1 cup of dhal.

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