Friday, July 18, 2014

Kothavarangai ( Cluster Beans ) Usili

                               Usili is prepared with vegetables like Pudalangai, kothavarangai and Vazhaippu.This preparation gives us a change from the Kottu, Curry or Poriyal which we make frequently.

Kothavarangai Usili

Ingredients :

Kothavarangai   250 gms.
Channa Dhal   1/2 cup
Toor Dhal     1/4 to 1/2 cup.
Red chillies   2 to 3
Salt, Turmeric Powder

For Seasoning :

Oil  2 tbsp. Mustard, Split Urad dhal, Curry leaves.

Method :

1. Soak the Dhals for 30 mins. and coarsely grind in the mixer with the red chillies, adding
    a tbsp. of water if necessary.The proportion of the Dhals can be altered slightly to our 
    taste and availability.

2. Cook the sliced Kothavarangai with water till they become soft.I always pressure cook
   in a small cooker for 2 whistles and release the pressure carefully after 1 minute.It
   is fast and perfect.I use only less water but extreme care has to be taken to check if
   the vent is clear, place the weight and watch for the whistle as only little water is used.
   The gasket must be fitting. If not, the water leaks and the vegetable gets burnt.

3. Heat oil, season with the given ingredients and add the ground Dhal.Add turmeric
    powder and little salt. Stir on  constantly on a medium flame till they get cooked and
    get scattered.It may take 5 mins.

4. Then add the cooked Kothavarangai,discarding the water, if any,salt and saute on low
   fire  for 3 mins.Salt can also be added while cooking the vegetable, if exact quantity
   of water is used. Grated coconut can also be added. The tasty Usili is ready.

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