Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pagarkkai / Bittergourd Poriyal

                    Pagarkkai Poriyal is a very traditional Poriyal, good for health.This can be prepared with slight variations.

Pagarkkai Poriyal

Ingredients :

 Bittergourd    250 gms.
Onion    1
Garlic (optional)   5 pods
Red chillies  2

For grinding in the mixer :

Coconut    2 tbsp
Cummin / Zeera    1/2 tsp.
Small onions    4 ( or a few sliced pieces of big onion )

For seasoning :

Oil   1 tbsp.
Mustard, Urad Dhal, Curry Leaves.

Method :

1. Pressure cook the sliced Pagarkai in a small cooker just for 1 or 2 whistles. I always add
    2 tbsp. of Toor Dhal with Pagarkai, pressure cook for 1 whistle and carefully release
    pressure after 1 min.The Pagarkai is perfectly cooked and Toor Dhal is partly cooked,
    without losing shape. This is good for elderly people and also fast.Toor Dhal is a
    source of protein, nutralises the bitter taste of bittergourd and also the quantity of the
    Poriyal is more.

2. Dry grind the given ingredients in the mixer.Grated coconut can also be added directly
    without grinding.

3. Heat oil, add the seasoning ingredients,broken red chillies, then the crushed garlic
    pods and the sliced onion. Saute well. 

4. Then add the cooked Pagarkai and salt.I do not discard the water,as I add only less
    water.If there is extra water and if you feel that the Pagarkai may be bitter, discard
    the water and that can be used by the diabetic people.
    Without pressure cooking, Pagarkai can also be directly cooked by adding after onion
    and roasted.This requires more oil but has a different taste. This is good for the young

5. Keep on stirring the Pagarkai on medium flame for 2 mins.

6. Add the ground coconut or grated coconut and saute on low fire for 5 mins.The tasty
    and healthy Pagarkai Poriyal is ready.


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