Thursday, October 23, 2014

Butter Murukku

                         Butter Murukku, for some reasons has not been tried by me. My co sister is an expert in preparing this Murukku.For this year Diwali, Urad Dhal Powder was out of stock.I always roast 1 Kg. of Urad Dhal and get it powdered in the Grinding Mill. The powder is also fine and comes for 6 months.

                     Mixture was prepared by me.Without Urad dhal powder, I could have prepared Ribbon Pakoda, Kara Sevu etc.But this time I was firm about Butter Murukku. It was perfect.I regretted for not trying it earlier.It is so simple with the common ingredients available at home.
Butter Murukku

Out of 3 cups of Rice Flour
Ingredients :

Rice Flour :  1 cup
Besan Flour / Kadalai Mavu   2 tbsp.
Pottukadalai Mavu   2 tbsp.
Jeeragam /  Whit Ellu   1 tsp.
Butter    2 tsp.
Oil, Hing, Salt

Method :

1. Mix all the ingredients except oil well.Add water little by little and make a dough, not
   very hard nor loose.

2. Heat the oil and press the dough in the oil using the Murukku mould. Use the disc
    with the 3 holes in the shapes of stars. Press only 3 or 4 Murukkus in1 batch depending
    on the size of pan.

3. When one size is cooked, turn to the other side. When the bubbles disappear, remove
    from fire.Later store in airtight container. The very tasty and very easy to make Butter
    Murukkus are ready.

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