Saturday, October 25, 2014


                        Poori is a very common tiffin item.Yet loved by all. Following a few tips, excellent Pooris as in the hotels can be made at home.


To prepare 8 to 10 Pooris

Ingredients :

Wheat Flour   1 cup
Sooji/ Rava  1/2 tsp.
Sugar   1/2 tsp.
Oil for frying

Method :

1. Mix salt, sugar and Sooji well with the wheat flour. Add water little by little and make
    a dough that should be tight but the same time it can be made into balls and rolled
   into Pooris easily.1 tsp. of oil can be added.1 cup flour requires a little less than 1/2
   cup of water.

2. The Pooris should be made as soon as the dough is prepared. They should not be
    allowed to rest as done for Chappathis.

3. Knead the dough, roll them into balls, press them into Pooris. The Pooris should be 
   thick.Then only they puff up.

4.Heat the oil and on medium flame, insert the Pooris  gently through the oil, that the
  entire surface of the Poori is immersed in the oil.Then the Poori definitely puffs up. Turn
  to the other side. Remove from the oil once it is cooked.If allowed in the oil for a long 
  time, it becomes stiff.

Tips :

1. Only wheat flour should be used. Maida gives stiff Pooris. 1 tbsp.of Maida can be added
    to retain the puffy texture for a long time.

2. The dough must be firm and do not allow it to rest.

3. Press the ball into thick Pooris to puff up in oil.

4. The Pooris dropped in the oil must be completely immersed in the oil to puff up.

5. Turn to the other side after it puffs up. Remove from the oil at right time to get soft
    Pooris.If left in the hot oil for a longer time, it becomes very stiff.


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