Monday, August 17, 2015

Mini Dosai

                          This is mainly posted for the picture of the non stick mini Uthappam pan and as a kids item.

                          This mini non stick pan seems to be one of the most useful kitchen items bought by me in recent times. I was excited using the pan as it is very easy. The Dosais slip easily for flipping to the other side. Then there is no need for removing the Dosais one by one from the pan using the spatula.Once both sides are cooked and as the pan is of a very light weight, remove from the stove and turn it upside on any plate. The Dosais fall gently on the plate immediately.Holding the pan is also easy as there is a long handle.

                        Not only for the kids, this Mini Dosais can be prepared very fast as as additional item when we have guests. It can also be enjoyed by us.

                       I bought only an ordinary make for about Rs. 185 as we are using it only occasionally.A branded one costs above Rs. 600.

                        We normally use the same batter for Idli and Dosai.We make Idlis the next day after grinding.The Idlis turn out very soft. Then once or twice  the batter is O.K. for Idlis.

                       For making Dosais, little water is added to the batter to make it loose.

Ingredients :

Idli / Dosai Batter

Method :

Heat the pan, smear with little oil and prepare the Dosais as we normally prepare the regular Dosais.

Even if it is a non stick pan, I use a little oil.

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