Friday, December 13, 2013

Rava Kesari.

          This is my 100 th posting. Still it is a great surprise to me, how I, who did not know the meaning of the word ,' blog ' a few years ago  could become the author of two blogs now.Some years back, there was a column in the newspaper about Amitabh Bachan ,posting something in his blog.Referring to my Oxford Dictionary, there was no such word as ' blog '.
      With my limited access to the computer, the word was entered to give the meaning. Pat came the answer, " A blog means, a personal space in the computer. "That made no sense to me.
    Somehow during the long hours of frequent chat with my children, both ,IT Professionals, this word eluded the conversations.Only by the end of 2009,during a month of stay with me, my daughter logged to her friend's blog and I happened to read that,making me excited.My daughter was chided by me for not discussing with me about personal and cookery blogs.I was at the receiving end for my ignorance.That was the beginning of my exposure and entry into the world of blogs.

    With my very basic knowledge of computer and photography and full time employment,
in the age group of fifty plus, this simple blog is purely an outcome of my passion for cooking and documenting the traditional recipes for my children and the new recipes for my future reference.My short stay in US and my daughter's guidance were crucial.A big thanks to her and her son, Jiji,whose birth, prompted my visit to US.

    Rava Kesari, the most traditional and very tasty sweet has been earmarked by me to be posted as the 100 th recipe.

Rava Kesari

Ingredients :

Roasted Rava   1 cup.
Sugar   2 cups.
Ghee   5  tbsp.
Raisins, Nuts,Cardamom Powder, Kesari colour.

Method :

1. Heat 1 tsp. of ghee in a tawa and roast the raisins, Cashew etc. and set aside.

2. Heat 1 tbsp. of ghee in the same Tawa and add 3 cups of water.

3. When the water starts boiling, mix a pinch of Kesari and add the Rava littlle by little,
    stirring continuously to avoid lumps.

4. The Rava starts getting cooked,absorbing the water.

5. when the water is absorbed, add the sugar and a few lumps may be formed.Reduce the
    flame and break the lumps.

6. Add the ghee, cardamom powder. Mix well and switch off, after a thick consistency is

7. Mix the nuts and raisins. The hot and sweet Kesari is ready.




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