Sunday, December 1, 2013

Toor Dhal kuzhi Paniyaram

                                The credit of this simple yet tasty Paniyaram goes to the great chef, the late Jacob in his Chattu Puttu Samayal, which I happened to watch by chance.Toor Dhal, as mentioned by me several times, is always stocked in the fridge by most of the vegetarians.The same applies to Idli /Dosa Batter also.By mixing both, a crispy Paniyaram can be prepared.

Toor Dhal Kuzhi Paniyaram
Ingredients :

Cooked Toor Dhal     1/2 cup.
Idli Batter / Dosa Batter   4 cups.
Sliced onion  1tbsp.
Chilly Powder / Chilly Paste / Sliced Green chillies / Broken Red chillies.
Grated coconut ( optional )   1 tbsp.
Green Peas ( optional )  2 tbsp.
Grated carrot ( optional ) 2 tbsp.
Oil, Mustard, Salt, Curry Leaves.

Method :

1. Heat oil add  Mustard, Curry Leaves and later the onions and chillies. Saute well. Add   
    the grated carrot, Peas and salt. Saute for 2 mins.

2. Mix all the ingredients well and bring to Dosa batter consistency. Chillies can be added
    in any one of the forms according to convenience.

3. Heat the Kuzhi Paniyara Tawa, pour 1 tsp. of oil, batter in half of the  Kuzhi( hallow
    cup),again one 1 tsp. of oil. When one side is cooked, turn to the other side. Remove
    after the other side is also cooked.The Paniyaram is little crispy as Toor dhal is added.

Note :

The combination of the ingredients can be altered according to our convenience.If Dosa
batter is less,Sooji can be added.


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