Saturday, November 30, 2013


                         Avial may be a Kerala delicacy but it is a common side dish for rice in the Tirunelveli region.No dinner or marriage feast is complete without Avial. It is frequently prepared at home for lunch and goes well with Sambar, Rasam, karakuzhambu, morekuzhambu, Sodhi etc.

                  In Kerala, vegetables for Avial are sold as a Combo.pack. In Chennai,sliced vegetables for Avial are sold as a unit.

                 The list of the vegetables may be long but the method is simple.Coconut,zeera and coconut oi are the real taste makers.

                  This Avial is also a best combination for Adai.


Ingredients :

Raw Banana 1
Carrot 2
Potato 2
Beans / Avarakkai    6
Pudalangai  / Vellai poosanikkai  100 gms.
Coconut oil  1 tbs.
Curd     3 tbsp.

To grind coarsely in the mixi :
Grated coconut 1 cup.
Green chillies 2 to 3
Cumin / Zeera 1 tsp.
Small onions  ( optional )  4 ( if out of stock,equalent of sliced Big Onion)

Method :

1.The combination of the vegetables is purely our discretion.In the southern districts,
   Brinjal is added. In Kerala cucumber is added.During Pongal season,all tuber varieties
   like Siri Kilangu, Seppa Kilangu and Chenai Kilangu are added.

2. Slice the vegetables into small but long pieces and cook them till they become soft.
    They can also be pressure cooked for 1 whistle and the pressure can be released slowly
    after 3 mins.

3. Drain if there is a lot water left. I never discard the water as I carefully cook all the
    veg. with less water.

4. Mix the coconut paste,salt, curry leaves and let it boil on a medium flame for 3 mins.

5. Add curd, stir well and simmer for 2 mins. Switch off and add the coconut oil.

6. Mix well. Seasoning with mustard is optional.We always add seasoned mustard and urad
    dhal in the end. The tasty Avial is ready.

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