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Paruppu Vadai

            Paruppu Vadai is also called Ama Vadai.This Paruppu Vadai always has a place in all festivals and feasts in Tamil Nadu. It is easier to prepare, in the sense that the Dhal can be ground in the mixi while  the Uzhulanda Vadai comes out well if only the grinder is used.At home, what can be more delicious than these Vadais either with Payasam or with the hot coffee or tea at any time during any season ?

        Vadai Paruppu is always used by me as I feel that gives crisp Vadais. But only Channa Dhal is used by most of the people. Vadai Paruppu is nothing but Pattani ( Peas ) Paruppu.

Paruppu Vadai

To prepare 20 to 25 medium size Vadais :

Ingredients  :

Vadai Paruppu / Kadalai Paruppu ( Channa Dhal )     1 cup.
Green / Red chillies    3
Onion   1
Ginger  1 small piece
Sombu ( optional )   1 tsp.
Garlic Pods ( optional )  5
Salt, Hing,  Curry Leaves,  Coriander Leaves,  Oil.

Method  :

1. Soak the Dhal for 1 hour. Drain the water completely and grind in the mixi coarsely
    with salt,Ginger, Garlic, Sombu ( Fennel ) and chillies.A little water can be sprinkled
    to bind the Dhal and grind together.If preferred 1 tbsp.of the soaked Dhal can be taken
    and kept aside.That can be mixed in the end after grinding the rest of the dhal.

2. Add the finely sliced onion, Hing, 2 tsp. of oil after the oil is heated, curry leaves and
    coriander leaves.Mix well and make them into balls, flatten them on the plastic sheet.

3. Drop them in the hot oil as much as there is space for the Vadais to get cooked freely.
    When one side of the Vadais are cooked, turn them to the other side and remove from
    the oil after the bubbles disappear.

4.By dropping them in a batch of 6 to 8 Vadais in 1 to 1 1/2 cups of hot oil on the stove
   it will be over in 3 or 4 batches.

Note :

Some people add 1 tbsp. of Raw Rice while soaking the Dhal or add a1 tbsp.of Rice flour in the end to give crispness.I feel, adding hot oil is enough.

Several versions of this Paruppu Vadai like Vazhaippu Vadai, Araikeerai Vadai, Radish Vadai, Murungaikeerai Vadai etc. can be made.

This Paruppu Vadai is also very tasty, added to Morkuzhambu.

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