Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gooseberry / Nellikkai Pickle I

                                       Gooseberry, every one knows is very good for health.There are said to be hundreds of varieties of Nellikkai. But in our country, only Arunellikkai and the big Nellikkai are mostly available.The medicinal value of this Nellikkai is so great that there is a saying,

                                A Gooseberry a day keeps the doctor away !

                              A popular legend goes that Adhiyaman, a reputed Tamil chieftain got a rare variety of Nellikkani, believed to confer immortality on the one who conferred it.The ruler had only one and he wanted the great poetess and his contemporary,Avvaiyar to take it as he felt, with her long life and verses of wisdom, she could lead the kingdom and the people in the path of righteousness.Such is the unique quality of this Gooseberry.

                            A tsp.of this Nellikkai Powder is also recommended to be taken every day. The powder is sold in the shop.Some people buy the dried pieces of the Nellikkai from the shop and powder it. In my opinion, as this Nellikkai is available through out the year, it can be bought, kept in the fridge and one can be eaten daily.That is genuine.
That is what I do when I buy Nellikkai.


Nellikkkai Pickle

Ingredients :

Sliced Nellikkai             2 cups.
Oil             3 tbsp.
Chilly Powder     2 tsp.
Roasted and powdered  Fenugreek      3/4 tsp.
Salt, Hing, Turmeric Powder

Method :

1.Wash the Nellikkai and let it dry for 1 hour.Cut them into thin long pieces and remove
   only the seed.

2.Heat the oil, add mustard and Hing.

3. When the mustard cracks, add the sliced Nellikkai and saute on medium flame.

4. Within 5 mins, the pieces get cooked and become soft.

5. Add salt and chilly and Turmeric  powder. Mix well and reduce the flame.

6. After 3 to 4 mins. add the Fenugreek and simmer for 2 mins. The tasty and nutritious
    Gooseberry Pickle is ready.


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