Saturday, November 16, 2013

Raw Banana / Vazhaikkai Poriyal

                                          This Vazhaikkai Poriyal is a traditional side dish with slight variations for rice in South India.The main difference may be in the mode of cooking and adding or omitting coconuts.Sliced onions are not added by most of the people for this Poriyal, I believe. Sliced onions are added for Vazhaikai Puttu. ( Podimas ) and Fry.

                             This side dish goes well with all the gravies for rice like Sambar, Karakuzhambu, Rasam etc.

Vazhaikkai Poriyal

Ingredients :

Raw Banana       2

To grind coarsely in the mixi :

Grated coconut   3 tbs.
Green chillies  2
Cumin       3/4 tsp.
Small onions ( optional )  3

To temper :

Oil,   Mustard, Split Urad Dhal, Salt, Turmeric Powder.

Method :

1. Cube the raw bananas after peeling off the outer skin.

2. Cook with salt and enough water till the pieces become soft.I always prefer to cook in
    a small cooker with salt and very less water for 1 whistle. It is very fast and the veg.
    gets cooked to our desire if we take little care. The pressure can be slowly let out
    after 1 or 2 mins.The whole process takes less than 5 mins.

3. Heat 1 tbsp.of oil.Add Mustard,Urad Dhal, Curry leaves and the then the cooked
    Vazhaikkai and the ground coconut paste. Mix and saute on a medium flame for 5
    mins. till the raw smell of the onion, chillies and cumin leaves.

4. A tasty Poriyal with the unique flavour of ground coconut and cumin is ready.This
    is purely characteristic of the southern districts.Cumin is added for tempering in most
    of the North Indian dishes or the powder is added.So it is good for health.

Those who have no time or do not like the cumin flavour can temper with the sliced green chillies or broken red chillies.Then saute the cooked pieces with only the grated coconut.vazhaikai puttu

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