Friday, November 15, 2013

Peerkankkai / Ridge Gourd Kichadi

                                               As already mentioned by me in another post, Brinjal Kichadi, it is entirely different from the Rava kichadi. This is a popular and tasty gravy, prepared by the Tirunelveli Saiva Vellala Community for Idli and dosais.
                                      This gravy, full of fibres and less toor Dhal can be prepared as an alternative for the Sambar, not preferred by a few people at times for some reasons.

Peerkankkai Kichadi

To serve for four :

Ingredients :

Ridge Gourds of medium size       2
Tomatoes    2 ( if out of stock or not preferred, equalent extract of tamarind )
Onion  1
Moong Dhal /Pasi Paruppu   3 tbsp. or left over cooked Toor Dhal in the fridge
Green chillies   4
Grated coconut ( optional )      2 tbsp.

To temper :

Oil, Mustard, Split Urad Dhal , 2 broken red chillies, Hing, Curry Leaves

Method :

1. Peel off the outer skin of the Peerkankkai. Cube them and the tomatoes.

2. Cook the Peerkankkai, tomatoes, green chillies and the Moong Dhal in a small pressure
    cooker for 3 or 4 whistles.

3. After they cool, with the coconuts mash them in a mixi for 5 seconds using the whipper
    button.They can also be mashed coarsely when hot,using a heavy ladle (Kuzhi Karandi )
    or a Keerai Mathu.

4. Heat oil, season with the given ingredients and add the finely sliced onions. Saute
    well and add to the mashed vegetables.

5. Add salt and mix well.Add the cooked Toor Dhal from the fridge, if you are using that
    instead of the Moong Dahl.Add water if required  to get the desired consistency.

6. Boil on a medium flame, stirring in between for 4 mins.

7. Swith off. A tasty and healthy gravy for Idli and Dosai is ready.

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