Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ellu Thuvaial

                             Ellu Thuvaial is the chutney that we prepare as a combination with Uzhundham Paruppu Sadham to be mixed with it and eaten.Ellu means sesame seeds from which the Gingelly oil or Nallennai is extracted.We can use Black or white Ellu.Our choice is always the Black Ellu as we feel it to be tasty with a unique aroma. The Ellu should be free from impurities.

                    For one cup of rice ( before cooking ), the following quantity will be perfect.

Ellu Thuvaial

Ingredients :

Ellu    1/2 cup.
Red chillies      2 or 3
Grated coconut    1 tbsp.
Tamarind   1 small piece.
Salt, Oil.

Method :

1. Heat little oil , saute the red chillies and transfer to a plate.Soak  tamarind in water.

2. Heat the same Kadai and roast the Ellu till they stat spluttering.

3. Switch off and transfer to the plate with the chillies.Let them cool.

4. Grind all the ingredients together in a mixer by adding only little water for binding
    the ingredients.Thuvaial means the thick form of chutney and it should be " Getti ".

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