Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kurunai Dosai

                  Kurunai Dosai, also called, Muzhu Uzundhu Dosai is a popular Dosai variety of the Tirunelveli region. This Dosai has a unique taste and flavour of the black gram, ground without removing the outer black covering and also the flavour of Fenugreek, added with it.In early days, fenugreek was not regularly added with the Idli and Dosai batter.

               Kurunai is a Tamil word which means,gruel,any grain broken into small irregular shapes. During the early days, whole black gram was bought in large quantities for the whole year and split into dhals at home using a Thiruvai.After sieving, the tiny grains were called Kurunai, from which removing the outer black coating, even after soaking was difficult. So they were ground with the black coating, by soaking just for 10 mins.

             Three or four decades back, white whole Urad Dhals used now for Idli batter were not common. It was available in Chennai and only used by a few.It was believed to be expensive. Also most people felt that only Karuppu Uzhundham Paruupu could produce good and more batter ( Mavu Nalla Pongum ) and used only Tholi Paruppu. ( Black gram dhal)
            Today, most of the people use only white Urad Dhal for grinding as it is easy.Karuppu Paruppu is bought only for making Kurunai Dosai as no Kurunai is available now.Karuppu Paruppu is only preferred by some people for Idli Podi and Uzhundham Paruppu Sadham.

Kurunai Dosai

Ingredients :

Idli rice    2 cups.
Black gram dhal  1/2 cup.
Fenugreek  1 tsp.

Method :

1. Soak the rice for 4 hrs.If your are particular about adding raw rice, make it as  1 1/2
    cups of Idli rice and 1/2 cup of raw rice.

2.Soak the Black gram dhal with the Fenugrrek just 10 mins. before grinding. This is very
   important.If the Dhal is fresh and good, the quantity can be reduced.

3. Grind separately the rice and the dhal as you do regularly for Doasi batter and mix well
    with salt.Let it ferment for 8 to 10 hrs.

4. This batter is good for making slightly thick and spongy Dosais like Kal Dosai and Set
    Dosai, rather than Roasts.


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  2. Hello Aunty, I tried this receipe. It was very nice and tasty

    Priya Sivakumar