Friday, January 3, 2014

Plain / Traditional Kuruma

                   This traditional Kuruma,learned from my mother in law, is free from onion, tomato and oil.She started preparing this Kuruma, even 40 years back, when Chappathis and Kuruma were treated as " Royal Food " in Tamil Nadu.


Plain Kuruma

Ingredients :

Carrot, Beans, Potato    250 to 300 grams.( If available, fresh green peas can be added )

To grind in the mixi :

Grated coconut 3/4 cup, Green chillies 3,Cashew 4, a small piece of Ginger,Garlic pods 2  
Pattai ( cinnamon),  Sombu ( Aniseed ), Cloves,  Cardamom,  Kasakasa ( Poppy seeds )
All the spices, only the minimum

Method :

1. Cook the sliced vegetables in a pressure cooker for 1 or 2 whistles. After 1 minute,
   remove the weight slowly and carefully to release the pressure. This helps to retain
   the original colours of the vegetables.

2. Add the ground coconut paste, salt and water if needed. Let it simmer till the thick
    consistency is reached. Pottu Kadalai can also be added instead of cashews. Garnish
    with coriander leaves. The traditional or Parampariya Kuruma with a unique aroma
    and taste is ready.

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