Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Curd Semia

                                      Curd Semia is a very delicious dish.Any dinner in our city, Coimbatore will not be complete without this Thayir Semia.
                               As Curd Rice is the last part of the Variety Rice, this Curd Semia goes very well after a course of tiffin items.This can also be taken as a single item at home and the best combination is Coriander / Mint Chutney or any pickle.

Curd Semia

To serve   2

Ingredients :

Vermicelli / Semia    2 cups
Curd   2 cups
Green chillies    2
Ginger    1 small piece
Oil,   Mustard,  Curry Leaves,  Hing
Salt, Coriander Leaves.

For Garnishing :

Dateless green grapes,      Raisins,     Cashew,      Pomegranate seeds.

Method  :

1. For preparing this Curd Semia, It is not necessary to go for expensive branded Semia.
    The local brands are more than enough and as they are pre roasted, no need of roasting
    again. It is not going to give any extra flavour.

2. Boil 4 cups of water with 1 tsp.of oil. Add the Semia and stir well. Take care that it
    does not froth and flow out, which means extra cleaning.The oil helps in keeping the
    shreds separate without sticking to each other.

3. With in 3 mins. the Semia gets cooked. Switch off and pour it in a perforated vessel and
    drain the water.Then hold it under the tap.The flow of water must be thin and the
    Semia must not spill out.This is also an important step in keeping the Semia from being

4. Heat oil, add the mustard and hing, then sliced green chillies, finely chopped ginger,
    curry leaves. Add this  and salt to the cooled Semia. Add the curd little by little to the
    Semia to the the desired consistency, just 3o mins. before serving.Some milk can be
    added, if the curd is sour.The quality of the curd is very important.

5. Garnish with the fried Raisins and cashew. Add the grapes,pomegranates and Coriander

Note :

1. The garnishing with Pomegranates, Green Grapes, Cashews and Raisins depends on the
    stock and preference.Grated coconut can be sauted with the Chillies and mixed.
    It is very important to mix the curd only 15 to 30 mins. before serving. If mixed early,
    it becomes hard and even sour. More curd with milk has to be added again.

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