Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cabbage Sodhi / Stew

                 Cabbage Sodhi, is a title, I remember reading in a magazine, a year back.But the ingredients and the method are my own, a combination of our Thengai Sodhi and the Kerala delicacy, Coconut Stew.

            This stew is totally free from oil and that can neutralise the cholestral content of the coconut. This cabbage and coconut gravy goes well with all the tiffin items like Dosai, Idli, Chappathi, Idiappam, Appam etc.

            This is a different kind of recipe with the Cabbage and also can be tried when there is a store of Cabbage.To speak the truth,the recipe was tried by me with the Cabbage left in the fridge for more than 10 days.But the dish was perfect.

Cabbage Sodhi

To serve :

Ingredients :

Cabbage   1 medium size
Moong dhal   1/2 cup
Onion    1
Tomato 1
Green chillies   3
Ginger    1 small piece
Grated coconut    1 cup
Cashew nuts    8
Kasakasa     3 tsp.

Method :

1. Soak the Moong Dhal for 20 mins. Slice the Cabbage but not very fine.Slice the onions
    and the tomato.

2. Heat little oil and saute the sliced chillies and Ginger. Let them cool.

3. Soak the Kasakasa and Cashew nuts in warm water and grind them to a fine paste with
    the sauteed chillies and ginger.

4. Pressure cook the soaked Moong Dhal, Cabbage, sliced Onion,tomato and the Garlic for
    1 or 2 whistles in a small cooker with little salt.The Dhal must be well cooked but the
    pieces of Cabbage must be visible. 

5. Add the coconut paste,salt to the cooked Cabbage and let them simmer for 5 mins.
    Add coriande leaves and switch off.A tasty stew to  be relished by the young and the
    old is ready.

Note :

An extract of coconut milk can also be taken from the grated coconut, Cashew and kaskasa and added. The sauteed green chillies and ginger can be ground separately in the mixer and added. That gives a differnt taste.Both ways can be tried and tasted according to our convenience and taste.


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