Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mangai /Raw Mango and Katharikkai/ Brinjal Kichadi

                    As often written in my earlier posts, Kichadi is a popular gravy for Idli and Dosai among the Saiva Pillai of the Tirunelveli region.There are several kinds of Kichadi like Katharikkai Kichadi, Tomato Kichadi, Peerkkangai Kichadi etc.

                    In this Mangai, Katharikkai Kichadi, raw Mangoes are used for the sour taste instead of Tamarind or Tomatoes. This can be prepared during the summer season, when raw Mangoes are available in plenty.


Mangai, Katharikkai Kichadi


Ingredients :

Brinjal      8
Small Mango    1
Onion    1
Grated coconut    3 tbsp.
Green chilly    5
Cooked Toor Dhal / Moong Dhal   1/2 cup.

For seasoning :
Mustard, Split Urad Dhal, Curry Leaves, Hing.
Oil,   Red Chilly   2 ( broken )

Method :
  1. If there is no stock of cooked Dhal, soak 3 tbsp. of Moong Dhal in hot water
    for 15 minutes.Slice the Brinjal into small cubes.Slice the onion finely. Slice
    the Mango into thin sheets.
  2. Cook the Mangoes, Brinjal, Green Chilly and The soaked Dhal for 2 whistles in a small pressure cooker.After the steam subsides, open the lid.When hot, add coconut,salt and mash well. If using a mixer, just blend for 30 seconds.
  3. If cooked Dhal is in stock, mix with the gravy. Season with the given ingredients, saute the sliced onion, add to the gravy and simmer for 5 minutes. The Mangai, Katharikkai Kichadi is ready.


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