Monday, September 14, 2015

Paneer Peas Butter Masala

                  As this is a rich gravy with Butter and Paneer,not very much advisable for us, I make this occasionally at our place or during the time of our children's visit.But the steps are only a few in the process of cooking.

                  In fact, my daughter is an expert in preparing this. In US very good quality Paneer is available, especially at a very economical price in the wholesale shops like Costco.

                My daughter humorously remarks that in her place there can never be a dinner for guests at any one's home including hers without Paneer Butter Masala as there are no vegetables to be chopped and the Paneer is very soft and tasty. The steps in cooking, being simple, ultimately the end product, Paneer Butter Masala becomes a hit, never letting the cooks down.

              During my stay in US, this was prepared by me with her tips.

Paneer Peas Masala

Ingredients :

Chopped Paneer    1 cup.
Fresh Peas / Frozen Peas  1/2 cup
Onion   1
Tomato   1
Cashew   10
Ginger, Garlic Paste   1 tsp.
Milk    3/4  cup.
Oil   1 tbsp.
Ghee   1 tbsp.
Chilly Powder   1 tsp.
Coriander Powder 1 tsp.
Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Salt
Kasoori Methi  1 tsp.

Method :

1. Heat little Ghee and saute the sliced onion and the tomatoes.On cooling, grind them.Soak the Paneer in warm water for 10 mins.

2.Heat the Butter and oil,add 2 Cardamom, 3 cloves and a piece of Cinnamon.Then add the ground Onion and Tomato.Saute on medium flame.

3. Grind the Cashew to a fine paste with 2 tbsp. of milk.Set aside.

4.The add the Chilly Powder, Coriander Powder, Ginger Garlic Paste, Peas,salt and stir on medium flame for 5 mins. till the raw smell leaves.Then add the crushed Kasoori Methi and stir for a minute.

5. Add the Cashew Paste and the remaining milk.Stir on low flame.

6. When the consistency is reached, add the Paneer without and simmer for 2 mins. Switch off. The tasty Paneer Peas Masala is ready.

Note :

It can be garnished with the cream but I use only thick milk and no cream.

Those who want only exclusive Paneer Butter Masala can omit the Peas and add more of 1/2 cup of cubed Paneer.

Some fry the Paneer slightly in Ghee and add. If the Paneer is good and soft, soaking in warm water is sufficient.

Both fresh and frozen Peas are soft, I don't cook them before adding.

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