Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nellikkai / Gooseberry Thuvaial

               The nutritious properties of Nellikkai has been mentioned time and again in my posts.

             This can be made fast if Coconut and Nellikkai are available.Nowadays, there is nothing like a particular season for Nellikkai as it is available almost through out the year.

             On seeing fresh Nellikkkais, I buy and store them in the fridge.Apart from making Pickles, Chutneys, Pachadis out of it,I slice them and eat them at intervals in 30 mins. in the morning daily or on on alternate days while cooking because of its enormous medicinal properties.Not only they are fresh but genuine unlike the dried Nellikais to be bought and ground in the machine or the Nellikkai Podi sold across the counters.

            Even if it is one seed after slicing, I pour little water over the seed in a cup as there is always some fibre sticking to it and drink that water after 10 mins.

Nellikkai Thuvaial

Ingredients :

Nellikkai   2 to 3 (depending on the size)
Grated coconut  1 cup.
Green Chillies   3 to 4

Method :

1. Slice the fibre of the Nellikkai.

2.Grind with the coconut and chillies with minimum water.The healthy Thuvaial
   is ready to be mixed with plain rice and Ghee and taken with Papad or any
   fry.This Thuvaial is a perfect side dish for any Variety Rice.

Note :

1. Garnishing with Mustard and Hing is optional.

2. Coriander leaves can be added.

3. The quantity of the ingredients can be altered to our taste.

3. A small piece of Tamarind can be added.

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