Thursday, October 3, 2013


                              Idiappam was always a nightmare for me, in spite of my several years of cooking.
                        Sevai, I can make with ease using the three legged Sevai Nazhi. In my mother's house,even before 30 years,we started using the Sevai Nazhi and we could prepare it easily in large quantities to be taken as the single item at night.
                          My mother in law prepares Idiappam using the roasted rice flour and the Murukku mould with the Oma Podi Chillu, as an evening tiffin. Some of my relatives also say it is comfortable if the dough is loose.But I could never succeed.
                    Honestly, by trial and error, I arrived at a measurement and now preparing the Idiappam with the Murukku mould is a child's play. 
                    Idiappam can be taken with Potato Stew, Veg. Kuruma, Coconut Milk etc.
It can also be made as Lemon Idiappam, Puli Idiappam, Sweet Idiappam etc.


Ingredients  :

Roasted Rice Flour    1 cup
Water          2 cups.
Salt, Oil

Method :

1. Mix 1 tsp.of salt with the rice flour.

2. Boil 2 cups of water. This is the important step. The ratio of the flour and water is 1:2.

3. Let the water boil well.Very important.Then add the water to the rice flour and mix
    well using a spoon as the water is hot.

4. Even if the dough seems to be loose, don't panic. It will absorb the water as it is a dry
    roasted flour.

5.Using the Murukku Mould with the disc of small holes used for Oma Podi or any exclusive
   Idiappa Mould, press in the shape of iddlies or as a whole in the greased Idly plates.

6. Steam cook for 8 to 10 mins. Take with Stew or Kuruma or Coconut milk.

Note :

1.The rice flour mentioned is roasted. That is raw rice has to be soaked for 1 hour and the water is to be drained completely. Then the rice is to be spread on a piece of cloth and dried in shade for nearly 1 hour.

2. It should be dry but partly wet.Then the rice must be powdered finely in a mixi if the quantity is less. If the quantity of rice is more,it has to ground in the flour mill in the machine meant for powdering  wet rice.

3. The flour has to be roasted immediately in a kadai, seived and can be stored even for 3 months.

4. Ready to use branded Idiappam Flour is also available in the stores.That can also be used.


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