Monday, October 7, 2013

Sesame Laddu / Ellu Urundai

                                                 This is an easy to prepare sweet but nutritious.As sesame is oil based, there is no need of adding any ghee.Sesame is very good for health.
                                        That is why, Gingelly Oil, that is extracted from Sesame seeds,is called Nallennai in Tamil meaning Good Oil.This was the only oil used for cooking along with the Coconut Oil in good old days.The oil is free from cholesterol and highly recommended by the doctors as a cooking medium.
                                       The oil is also said to be good for the skin and advised for massaging the skin and the hair.The newborn babies in our family are applied this and given a bath in our family even today.


Sesame  Laddus

Ingredients :

Sesame                 1 cup
Powdered Jaggery    1 cup

Method :

1. Heat a kadai and roast the sesame till they start spluttering, giving out an aroma.

2. After they cool, grind in a mixi and add jaggery to the powdered sesame.

3. Grind them together till they blend.

4. Transfer to a bowl and make them into balls.

5. For these, nearly 12 to 15 laddus of medium size can be made.

Note :

Karuppatti can also be used instead of Jaggery.karuppatti has a unique taste.


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