Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Murukku II

                                This Murukku, made of Boiled rice and Pottukadalai Flour is a very popular savoury of Kongu region.The measurements of the ingredients are my own, out of my experience because in our family, we used to make most of the snacks using raw rice flour.
                             The ratio of the ingredients were passed on to me by my neighbours and friends who gave as per kilo.They have been changed to cups for convenience.The ratio of the Pottukadalai to rice may seem to be high. But I have been preparing this Murukku for the past 30 years.They are very crispy and tasty. Murukkus made of raw rice flour and urad dhal powder,posted by me as Murukku I  have an aroma of urad dhal flour whereas this Murukkus II have a different taste.


Ingredients :

Puzhungal arisi ( Idli Rice )   2 cups.
Roasted Channa Dhal       1 cup
Butter     1 tsp.( if not, hot oil 2 tsp. )
Cumin or Ellu ( Sesame , Black or White )  2 tsp.
Chilly Powder  1 tsp.( optional )
Salt          1 tsp.
Oil     2 cups

Method :

1. Dry the Pottukadalai in the sun for 1 hour or dry roast for 1 min. in a tawa.Powder in
    the mixi and seive it.If the Pottukadalai is crisp, they can be powdered without drying
    or roasting and seived.

2. Soak the rice for 2 hours and grind to a fine paste by adding water as for idli batter.Add
    salt  in the end.Make the Murukkus atleast within 30 mins. after grinding.

3. Collect the batter in a bowl, add Hing, butter and Sesame or Cumin.Add Pottukadalai
    powder and Chilli powder.Mix well. If the batter is hard, sprinkle some water and make
    it little loose.The Sesame should be free from impurities.

4.Using the Murukku mould, press 4 by 4 in the hot oil in a tawa.Turn to the other side
   and remove from oil after the bubbles disappear.The time taken is only 30 mins.

Note :

 4 tbsp.of grated coconut also can be added while grinding the rice.In that case, Pottukadali has to be reduced to 3/4 cup.Otherwise the Murukkus may dissolve in oil.

One more tips.Some in their over enthusiasm to make soft Murukkus, add more butter.That is not right. Because already in my recipe, Pottukadalai, rice ratio is 1 : 2.
Adding more butter may make the Murukku to get split to small pieces.

With the same batter, Ribbon Pakoda can also be prepared.Half of the batter can be made into Murukkus and the other half as Ribbon Pakodas.


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