Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pasiparuppu Thuvaial

                              This Pasiparuppu Thuvaial is a perfect side dish to be taken with Rasam Rice,Sambar Rice or plain rice and Ghee.

                             During the days of fasting,in those days, people did not take anything cooked in the afternoon.They used to prepare everything fresh like Raw rice, Paruppu, Rasam etc.To make it simple and fast, they make rice,some Thuavail and Appalam.They mix plain rice, Ghee and the Thuavail.This rice taken with Appalam is said to be tastier than Amirtham, the Divine Food.

Pasiparuppu Thuvaial

To serve 2
Ingredients :

Pasiparuppu  1/2 cup
Red chillies    2
Tamarind    1 small piece.
Grated coconut   1 tbsp.
Garlic ( optional )   2 pods
Salt, Hing

Method :

1. Heat a Tawa and dry roast the red chillies, Hing and Pasiparuppu till it starts
    turning brown giving out an aroma.Add the coconut in the end. Give a quick
    stir and switch off.Let them cool. Soak the tamarind in warm water.

2. Grind all the ingredients with salt in a mixer. Use only minimum water. The
    Thuvaial must be thick and not loose.The tasty Thivaial is ready.

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