Friday, November 21, 2014

Wheat Flour Puttu

               The recipe of this Sweet Puttu, I came to know from an Iyengar priest of the Perumal Koil in our neighbourhood, once being distributed as a Prasadam.

             This Sweet Puttu can be made in 5 mins. to be offered to God as a perfect Neivedhium with the minimum,basic ingredients at home.

Wheat Flour Puttu

Ingredients :

Wheat Flour    1/2 cup.
Finely powdered Jaggery /Vellam   1/2 cup
Ghee  2 -  4 tsp.
Cashew, Cardamom Powder, Dry Ginger ( Chukku ) Powder

Method :

1. Heat 2 tsp. of Ghee in a thick bottomed Kadai,add the Cashew and then the
    Wheat Flour and the Jaggery.

2. Stir constantly for 2 mins. till the flour and the jaggery blend togther.Add the
    Cardamom and Chukku Powders.Mix well by adding the remaining Ghee.
    The tasty, simple and fast to be made, offering to the Swamy is ready.

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