Saturday, November 29, 2014

Roasted Rice Flour

                            Roasted Rice Flour is very handy for preparing Puttu, Idiappam, Kozhukattai etc.I always have atleast 4 cups of roasted rice flour at home. This roasted rice flour is now available at all stores. For people who have time and above that who can manage to shell out time and those are little economical, this flour can be prepared at home easliy.

                              By soaking 5 cups( 1 Kg. ) of rice, drying and grinding the semi dried rice in the grinding mill, we can get 10 cups of wet flour.The wet flour should be roasted immediately within an hour after bringing from the mill.

Roasted Rice Flour

Ingredients :

Wet Rice Flour   10 cups.
( Refer to my post Home Made Rice Flour )

Method :

1. Heat a thick bottomed Kadai and dry roast 3 or 4 cups. of flour at a time depending on
   the size of your Kadai.I use a heavy Aluminium Kadai called Calcutta Chatti.Though it
   is called by the name Calcutta, it is available even in small towns and small shops that
   sell stainless steel and Aluminium utensils.

2. Keep on stirring continuously till the soft texture of the flour becomes little coarse like
    fine sand or Kola Mavu.It takes nearly 5 mins. and we can easily identify that coarse
    texture. Tranfer to a big tray or paper. Repeat again with the wet flour.10 cups of rice
    flour can be roasted in 3 or 4 times.Small lumps may be there. Do not worry.

3. The roasted flour must be sieved using a fine seiving plate.This sieving can be done
    leisurely after roasting.Powder the residue lumps in a mixer using the big jar. Sieve
    again. Only a little residue may be left.That can be mixed with Kola Mavu, Adai Mavu,
    Rice Uppuma Mavu etc. according to your mind set.

4.By roasting 10 cups of flour, we can get 5 cups of roasted flour.The simple calculation
   is by soaking 5 cups of rice, we can get 5 cups of dried or roasted flour.

Note :

I always soak 10 cups ( 2 Kgs. ) of rice, dry and get the semi dried rice finely powdered in the machine.We can get 20 cups of wet flour from the mill.

 One half of the flour ( 10 cups ), I dry on a big tray or newspaper inside the room for 4 or 5 days.Then I sieve it.I can get 5 cups of dried rice flour after 4 or 5 days.This I call Home Made Rice Flour. This can be stored for 3-4 months.

The other half ( 10 cups ), I roast as soon as possible after bringing from the machine.We can get 5 cups of roasted rice flour.

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