Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cabbage, Carrot Fry

                              Cabbage, Carrot Fry is a nutritious side dish for rice to be relished by people of all ages.

Cabbage, Carrot Fry

Ingredients :

Cabbage    1 medium size
Carrot    2 medium size
Onion    1
Garlic Pods     5
Chilly Powder     3/4 tsp or more
Turmeric Powder,  Salt

To temper :

Oil    2 tbsp.
Mustard,  Split  Urad Dhal, Curry Leaves

Method :

1. Shred the Cabbage finely and grate the Carrot.Slice the Onion.Pressure cook the Cabbage and carrot in a small cooker with the minimum water. Add salt. As only minimum water is used,weight can be placed after closing the lid. Watch for the whistle carefully and switch off after 2 whistles.

2. Heat the oil, temper, add Turmeric Powder, the crushed Garlic and the Onion.Add Chilly powder or broken red Chilly. After the Onion turns brown, add the cooked Cabbage and Carrot. Saute on medium flame, after mixing well.

3. Approximately after 6-8 mins. add the coconut, mix well and switch off after 2 mins.The attractive and tasty Poriyal is ready.

Note :

Grated carrot can be added along with the Onion also. But it takes some extra time for the Carrot to get cooked and the raw smell to leave. Carrot can also be finely sliced and added. But grated Carrots go well with the shredded Cabbage.

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