Saturday, April 25, 2015

Onion Pakoda

         Onion Pakoda, what else can be the best combination with Coffee or Tea, on any day, hot or cold !

        In those with so many shops not so nearby, for a guest without prior notice, this Pakoda was very handy with the common ingredients at home.
Onion Pakoda

For 2- 3 persons :

Ingredients :

Channa Flour / Kadalai Mavu   1 cup
Onion  2
Green Chillies  3
Ginger 1 small piece
Rice Flour   2 tbsp.
Cooking Soda   1 pinch
Oil, Salt, Curry leaves

Method :

1. Mix the channa Flour, Rice Flour, Salt, Cooking Soda, finely chopped onion,
    Green Chillies, Ginger, Curry Leaves and 1 tbsp. of hot oil.

2. Add water little by little. Do not add much water as for Bajjis.Water must be
     enough to bind all the ingredients loosely.

3. Take the mixture in the hand and press between the fingers in hot oil.

4. Stir in between and when sizzling stops, remove from oil. Complete the
    whole mixture. The hot and tasty Pakodas are ready for munching with the

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